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Magic Stones & Dwarfish Compliment
The Lakeside Dwarfish Compliment

Lakeside Dwarfish Full Compliment, Day 65 of Magma, Fifth Plane of First Cycle, Fourth Age.

All patrol members have at least one floating stone. These stones are precious gems and minerals.   Cut, polished, and imbued with magic, the stones are all lavender or lavender mixed color.   The stones orbit the head of the dwarf and offer various protections.  Some dwarfs have more than one stone.   After a passionate argument with Lt. Fairmis, Tawny did not get direct assistance from the patrol, but several individual dwarfs gave the party some non-lavender stones.    

The three facings of dwarfs each have some common items and traits.
MINERAL –  #1-6. Each has a gemstone medallion. All are trained soldiers,with an area of expertise.
RADIANCE – #7-12. Each has multiple magic stones. All except 12 are Fadon / Radiance fanatics. Milli-Worms are sworn enemies.
MAGMA – #13-18. Each wears a violet-red hat or headband. All except 13 are priest-engineers of magma.  
SPECIALISTS- #19-20. Each is formerly flesh, but their souls and bodies were disconnected.  The millipedes and life eaters never did their final work.  The few survivors of the army used the nexus to teleport out.  Rhyn & The Professor's souls were transferred to the cogwork bodies they inhabit today.  Few of these sentient cogworks exist, they are called dworgs.  

Key: R- Rank or Profession ; N- Name ; Bk- Background ; Br- Brains ; Bo- Body ; Additional Notes or Items.
Rank Key: T- Terrible ; P- Poor ; M- Mediocre ; F- Fair; Gd- Good ; Gr- Great; S- Superb ; L- Legendary

1.R- Lieutenant ; N- Fairmis Ayvureighl; Bk- Gd ; Br- F ; Bo- Gd; Shield of Earth (P). Leader of Mineral & Mission.   
2.R- Jeweler ; N- Brearu Umvurgaugh ; Bk- Gd ; Br- Gd ; Bo- M ; Crystal Armor (M).
3.R- Crystal Engineer; N- Ahree Creek ; Bk- F ; Br- F ; Bo- F ; Crystal Bow (F).  
4.R- Gemsinger ; N- Rheekul Shomdraugh ; Bk- L ; Br- F ; Bo- F ; Standard Bearer, Primary Defense.  
5.R- Warrior of Citrine ; N- Abba Dawndraugh ; Bk- G ; Br- F ; Bo- F ; Axe of Citrine (M). Transform into Crystal (Bk)
6.R- Malachite Knight ; N- Seth Lake ; Bk- Gr ; Br- Go ; Bo- Gr;  Transform into Malachite (Bk), Resist Magic, Lightning, Heal Disease.  Second in Command of Mineral

7.R- Healer ; N- Jah-Nee Knollvur; Bk- Gr; Br- Gd; Bo- Gr; Fated – Lose body & transfer essence.   Second in Command of Radiance.
8.R- Rainbow Mage; N- Ahren Rainbow; Bk- Gd; Br- M; Bo- M;  Prismatic Staff (Gd)
9.R- Herald of Fadon; N- Prism Deighvurlaugh; Bk- F; Br- F; Bo- F;  Shield of Fadon (F)
10.R- Sisterhood; N- River Burvurlaugh; Bk- Gd; Br- M; Bo- F; Paired Prism Swords (F)  
11.R- Brotherhood; N- Swickard Graysvur; Bk- Gd; Br- P; Bo- Gd; Paired Prism Swords (F)  
12.R- Tinker (Lightning); N- Tidion Lake; Bk- S; Br- G; Bo- F; Gadget & Tool Laden.  Leader of Radiance & Third in Command overall.  

13.R- Runemage (Earth); N- Riley Forkvur; Bk- S; Br- G; Bo- F;  Leader of Magma &Second in Command overall.
14.R- Engineer; N- Eva Dixvur; Bk- M; Br- F; Bo- Gd; Wand of Magma (F)
15.R- Blacksmith; N- Ahlux River; Bk- Gr; Br- Gd; Bo- Gr;  Second in Command of Magma.
16.R- Lava Druid; N- Desti Oncvur; Bk- M; Br- M; Bo- Gd; Obsidian Knife (Gd). Turn into Lava (Bk)
17.R- Lava Druid; N- Rissal Larsvurlaugh; Bk- F; Br- F; Bo- F; Sling (F).  Anti-Cog Bomb (1).
18.R- Apprentice; N- Perry Josvur; Bk- P; Br- F; Bo- Gd; Axe of the Lords (Gd)

19.R- Dworg Veteran; N- Rhyn Creek; Bk- Gd; Br- M; Bo- S;  AntiMagic (T). Huge, Armored.
20.R- Dworg Engineer; N- 'Professor'; Bk- F; Br- F; Bo- P;  Control Works (Gr). Small, Tooled.

May 2010 Game Session
Meeting Dwarfs, Preparing to Raid.

The players, still camping at the twice ruined city of Forge, woke to their ninth day at the start of the session.   Determined to continue to disrupt the possessed Avatars and seek the clue to finding the Chaos Scrolls (aka Eschatology of the Planes), they impatiently waited for the dwarfish patrol to arrive. From the last session, there were many questions to answer.   
When would the dwarfs arrive?  
The advance Compliment would arrive on Day 9, based off an 8-10 day response.
How many dwarfs would there be?
The previous patrol was a secondary (12), so the next unit size would be 18 or 20.  This number was not difficult to come up with because the basic counting units had already been fixed.  Based on the cosmology units would be oriented in the following way:
2 – Chaos & Order, Light & Dark.
4 – Based on the original 4 elemental planes (anachronistic)
6 – Based on the primary planes
12 – Based on the secondary planes.
18 – primary & secondary planes
20 – all planes, + aether + material world
Above 20: 6 and 18 are also common multiples.   6 is a “Facing”  and 18 is a “Full” or “Full Facing”   Based on this counting system.  The next size of unit would be a Full Compliment of 108-120 strong, which would take longer to muster and arrive.   
What would be their objectives?
The mission would be a volunteer, all missions to Forge are considered one way. This advance team was to investigate the Secondary Unit (recently reported dead by the Gish flying patrol).  They would then enter the under city of Forge.  Once inside they are to gather intelligence and disrupt or destroy as much of the life eaters and accomplices.
Who would the 20 be?
NPCs are always fun; these would be mid to high leveled specialists.   Breaking the 20 individuals down, there are three groups of six, roughly broken up into offense, defense, and technology.  The final two individuals are mission specialists.    This type of unit is a COMPLIMENT.    In back story, there were five Facings (6 dwarf units) that volunteered for this mission, but only 3 were selected.  These three are coordinated according the the following planes:  MINERAL – Leads; RADIANCE – Defends;  MAGMA – Understands.   The two specialists are high end Cog/Clockworks.  They are survivors of Venkar's Raid.  Venkar, the former High Magma priest of Forge, was one of the few survivors.  He lead a dwarfish army back to Forge to reclaim it, but they were destroyed.   Coming up with the statistics was easy; personality & equipment was nearly as simple.  I searched through the ample sets of lead and found 20 dwarf and halfling figures, mainly old Grenadier & Ral Partha late 70's and early 80's figs.  I assigned a figure to each set of stats and group, then built their personalities and equipment out based off the figure.   

So with those questions answered, we began the new session.    The seers sensed the approach of the patrol, 20 strong with a few support staff.   They quickly assembled into a defensive formation and began to approach the under city entrance.   They all had stones & crystals floating around their heads; most were under a magical faceted energy shield that radiated out from a standard bearer in the center.   One scout was ahead of the group, radiating large amounts of heat and following and gently meandering path towards the city.    The party made no attempt to hide themselves; their lantern brightly illuminated their approach.   The dwarfish patrol sent over three of their number and after some introductions, it was determined that the patrol would accompany the party to the Emergency Shelter nearby.    Safely under rock, the party and patrol exchanged information and stories.   The next day, the patrol and party investigated the nexus and forge entrance.  They discovered several traps and confirmed that the possessed avatars and kobolds retreated deeper into the under city.

For next session,  the players will discover what traps and trials away in the twice ruined under city of Forge.   The next session will start and take place on the miniatures table.   The raiding parties are defined and ready!  

Our Monthly Fudge - April Session
April 2010 Game Session

1.I think it was our best session yet.

2.Our next session will be just past our one year anniversary.

3.Had players use some very powerful plot cards. a.Double Blanks From the Veeza Seer. b.Enemy & Relic(x2) from the Tauran Warrior.

4.Tried something completely different, A Prequel Flashback!

5.Set the stage.

1. This group of players has by far been the most interesting I have ever ran a campaign for. The most obvious difference is four of six players are women. In past I had never gamed with more than two in a campaign. At conventions I have played and run games with a majority women players, but never in a long term game. The second most curious thing is that half of the six players had never gamed significantly. Two of the women and one of the men had never played more than a single game or two. The other three players had not gamed in a regular campaign in as many as sixteen years or more. The group of players have been open and accepting of the style and pace of play. The last thing about this campaign is that the game world was built by 25 players over the course of six months using a set of rules to influence and alter the shape of the world and the races that inhabit it. The process has been extremely collaborative and very inspiring. This world has been an experiment from its creation to play.  I am very happy with the results and hope the players enjoy the campaign. I think FUDGE has made a clear different in the players enjoyment of the game. In any case, all this and more made for “The Best Session Yet”

2. Given the real world players, I was uncertain if the game would last in its existing incarnation. I had anticipated some players wanting to change the direction or in the worst case I had prepared to switch to an entirely alternate game play and campaign model. This hasn't happened. The players group has developed and grown. They are creating an entourage and starting to amass some treasure (even if it is all cursed). Since I have a backup campaign and no place to use it, I am hoping to start a second monthly campaign, Modern Sci-Fi San Francisco! What else is a GM to do?

3. Rather than experience points, I give out cards. The current cards are FUDGE modified Savage Worlds Adventure Deck. Each card acts as one point. Some cards are faily mundane when played (Get A Clue) and others are plot potent (Enemy). Players can keep the cards and turn them in to advance their rank in any statistic (e.g. Profession, Reason, Body, Ability, Magic Item). It is when players start using cards for their written effect that strange and wonderful things happen. This session one player played the two most powerful cards (blanks) to direct her character towards a specific artifact. Another player tossed out three major cards, one which nearly killed him, one which will haunt him, and one which is still open on the table. The Blanks (Write your own story) changed the dynamic of a scheduled visitor. Rather than portend the arrival of a small army to support the players, the visitor also now brought news of the artifact. The small army coming would know who had it last and where it was headed. The three other cards played out slightly different.

4. The party is currently at the twice ruined dwarven city of forge. The first cataclysm event occurred about 6 years prior during the dwarven high holiday. A chaotic vacuum vortex sucked the life from the city and spawned life eating essences that killed the few survivors. About sixty days prior to the characters arrival an underground volcanic eruption filled the empty city, cleansing it of the abomination. The players and characters have been struggling with their motivation and the importance of the events in Forge, so in order to get them in touch with the location, we played a prequel flashback.  The setting was the high court and nobility of Forge hearing the grant public works projects to be taken up during the next six years. But during this, the Chaos Vortex Struck and the players had to try and survive this tragedy. It was a very quick paced and gripped session that resulted in an insane Prince and psychicly damaged Princess secretly surviving. Most importantly, the players all witnessed, firsthand in game, the Fall of Forge and the birth of the unseen life eaters that they now battled.

5. The session began with the players wondering “why the hell are we here?” and ended with them resolved to disrupt the life eaters, corrupted avatars, and kobold slaves remaining in the ruins of Forge. I have heard for years about the feat of Game Masters having their story too disrupted by players with power over plot. I have been that GM. This campaign I embraced the concept that players should be the primary driver of plot. I've done it before, but never to this extent.  I provide scenery and some over-arching connections. I find the method exciting; developing setting and motivation rather than plot is very rewarding. How it played out in mechanics:

BLANK 1 – Gave a clue to the location of the artifact. (It's across the continent.)

BLANK 2 – Gave clue + clear direction to the artifact. (It's across the continent, I'll introduce you to current owner's brother who is traveling over this way) The lead will arrive next session.

RELIC 1 – Play after major battle (End of last session) Player finds a minor relic/major magic item. : Beaux-dean the Tauran Warrior got a suit of finely crafted magical Hill Giant Plate Mail. The Hill Giants are the first great craftsmen from the plane of fire who taught the dwarves their skills. The catch was the the lead kobold trap master did a simple thing. He made a traditional peace offering (sks threat) to the party. He put the un-cursed, culturally important, armor on a large wool blanket; it was impregnated with a contact poison caustic to flesh. Beau grabbed the blanket, and started running off and nearly died from the poison contact as a result.

ENEMY – The player who played Beaux and this card also played the character that ended up as the Prince during the Fall of Forge Flashback. This insane survivor is actually a shape-shifter who was the secret passage butler for the royal family. During the Fall, he killed the Prince and assumed his shape. During the escape and hideout, the character killed all the other survivors except the Princess. Given his current shape and fractured mental state, he believed she was his sister. After they finally escaped, the shape-shifter set the stage to return to Forge. The shape-shifter is now the lead Kobold and the one who laid the blanket trap. The player created his own Enemy! YES PERFECT! This obviously changes the enitre dynamics of the kobolds, but it does so for the better. Rather than a bland support group, they now have a deeper history, motivation, and a very twisted leader brought forth to haunt the very player who created him!

RELIC 2 – Beaux's Player also played this third card in order to give someone in the group the option to power up an existing magic item, turn a non-magic item into a magic item, or change the nature/plane of an existing item. This is a pretty powerful card and the group has yet to decide how to play it. It will stay open until such time as it becomes obvious (or necessary) to use it.

I keep a visual diagram of the current groups and parties. This diagram shows the level of relationship (-100 to +100, 0 = neutral) and the known connections of the groups. If anyone wants, I can upload the diagram.

Thanks for reading! I hope you find this game update enjoyable. Here's to GREAT GAMING!

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