Planar Adventures

May 2010 Game Session

Meeting Dwarfs, Preparing to Raid.

The players, still camping at the twice ruined city of Forge, woke to their ninth day at the start of the session.   Determined to continue to disrupt the possessed Avatars and seek the clue to finding the Chaos Scrolls (aka Eschatology of the Planes), they impatiently waited for the dwarfish patrol to arrive. From the last session, there were many questions to answer.   
When would the dwarfs arrive?  
The advance Compliment would arrive on Day 9, based off an 8-10 day response.
How many dwarfs would there be?
The previous patrol was a secondary (12), so the next unit size would be 18 or 20.  This number was not difficult to come up with because the basic counting units had already been fixed.  Based on the cosmology units would be oriented in the following way:
2 – Chaos & Order, Light & Dark.
4 – Based on the original 4 elemental planes (anachronistic)
6 – Based on the primary planes
12 – Based on the secondary planes.
18 – primary & secondary planes
20 – all planes, + aether + material world
Above 20: 6 and 18 are also common multiples.   6 is a “Facing”  and 18 is a “Full” or “Full Facing”   Based on this counting system.  The next size of unit would be a Full Compliment of 108-120 strong, which would take longer to muster and arrive.   
What would be their objectives?
The mission would be a volunteer, all missions to Forge are considered one way. This advance team was to investigate the Secondary Unit (recently reported dead by the Gish flying patrol).  They would then enter the under city of Forge.  Once inside they are to gather intelligence and disrupt or destroy as much of the life eaters and accomplices.
Who would the 20 be?
NPCs are always fun; these would be mid to high leveled specialists.   Breaking the 20 individuals down, there are three groups of six, roughly broken up into offense, defense, and technology.  The final two individuals are mission specialists.    This type of unit is a COMPLIMENT.    In back story, there were five Facings (6 dwarf units) that volunteered for this mission, but only 3 were selected.  These three are coordinated according the the following planes:  MINERAL – Leads; RADIANCE – Defends;  MAGMA – Understands.   The two specialists are high end Cog/Clockworks.  They are survivors of Venkar's Raid.  Venkar, the former High Magma priest of Forge, was one of the few survivors.  He lead a dwarfish army back to Forge to reclaim it, but they were destroyed.   Coming up with the statistics was easy; personality & equipment was nearly as simple.  I searched through the ample sets of lead and found 20 dwarf and halfling figures, mainly old Grenadier & Ral Partha late 70's and early 80's figs.  I assigned a figure to each set of stats and group, then built their personalities and equipment out based off the figure.   

So with those questions answered, we began the new session.    The seers sensed the approach of the patrol, 20 strong with a few support staff.   They quickly assembled into a defensive formation and began to approach the under city entrance.   They all had stones & crystals floating around their heads; most were under a magical faceted energy shield that radiated out from a standard bearer in the center.   One scout was ahead of the group, radiating large amounts of heat and following and gently meandering path towards the city.    The party made no attempt to hide themselves; their lantern brightly illuminated their approach.   The dwarfish patrol sent over three of their number and after some introductions, it was determined that the patrol would accompany the party to the Emergency Shelter nearby.    Safely under rock, the party and patrol exchanged information and stories.   The next day, the patrol and party investigated the nexus and forge entrance.  They discovered several traps and confirmed that the possessed avatars and kobolds retreated deeper into the under city.

For next session,  the players will discover what traps and trials away in the twice ruined under city of Forge.   The next session will start and take place on the miniatures table.   The raiding parties are defined and ready!  



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