Rolling Stone Preacher

An acoloyte of the Avatar Delacross (aka Big D), RSP enjoys the ladies and hunting down the chaos cult.


Order of the Burning Page


Brains: Fair

Body: Fair

Special: Sense Chaos – Fair


RSP originally met the party early on when they were travelling to Kervac. RSP was travelling with a quiet, but imposing dark Tauran called "Big D"  RSP immediately began hitting the ladies while being a bit coy about his job or intentions.  

RSP and Big D suggested and supported Ivypatch Redspear Sinand in  the Ice guardian selection proces in order to thwart a bid for the role by the Chaos Cult Wildflowers.  

RSP has not been seen since just after the cycle shift to Magma, he was going with Big D on a mission. 

Rolling Stone Preacher

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