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  • Ice

    Borders:  [[Water]] & [[Air]]

    Shesharus is flat desolate wasteland of cold blowing winds on arctic desert. Direction seems meaningless as powdery snow covers tracks and markings. Almost nothing grows there in the dim light. Yeti prowl …

  • Salt

    Borders: [[Water]] [[Chaos]]


    The flats, the last light glimmering out of the dark of chaos.  A pure white plane stretching almost endlessly to the cliffs.  The cliffs, natural protection from all that is hated waiting on …

  • Dust

    Borders:  [[Chaos]] [[Earth]]

    Dust is the realm of necromancy and animation of the dead.  It is equally parts healing and chaos. 

  • Ooze

    Borders: [[Earth]] [[Water]]


    Ooze the realm of fungus, jellies and puddings.  The glorping gelatinous mass of a plane digests nearly all that passes into it. 

  • Steam

    Borders: [[Order]] [[Water]]

    The interior of the plane is pipes, pistons, whistles and vents shooting steam and conveying water all over the place, like some absurd, overbuilt Rube Goldberg Steampunk contraption.  Swarms of stout engineers …

  • Radiance

    Borders: [[Fire]] [[Order]]

     Radiance is neutral, understanding the need for both direction and randomness, but preferring creation to destruction, for only in creation can Radiance be reflected and thereby increased.  Natives of the realm …

  • Lightning

    Borders: [[Air]] [[Order]]

    The paraelemental plane of lighting is one of rapid, dynamic change. Banks of storm clouds roil endlessly, congregating, shifting and separating to an intricate, seemingly unpredictable pattern. As the clouds go about …

  • Smoke

    Borders: [[Fire]] [[Air]]

    The plane of smoke is as intangible as it sound. There is no permanence nor form to anything. Rather, it is engulfed in an ever changing dance. Forms swirl in the heated air and disperse just as quickly. While the plane …

  • Magma

    Borders: [[Fire]] [[Earth]]


    We are magma, the Wellspring of Creation!  All are welcome to partake of the warmth! Embrace our power and we shall form a new world together...in the heat of the crucible, all that which is dross …

  • Cosmology

    In the beginning all forces were one, but as the existence condensed four elements formed and battled each other in a pyramid of power. Their borders erupted and ripped at each other. Diametric opposition in contact with each other created cataclysmic …

  • Mineral

    Borders:  [[Order]] [[Earth]]


    A rumbling is heard across the plane as a Scallion chews through a vein of raw iron deep within the earths. Before it lies a pocket of dense order that had been trapped for quite sometime, lost in …

  • Vacuum

    Borders:  [[Chaos]] [[Air]]

    Little is known about the plane of vacuum.  Most life is snuffed out there.  It is known that the plane is the source of the Life Eater [[Essence]] that destroyed [[Forge]].  

  • Ash

    Borders: [[Chaos]] [[Fire]]


    The ashen landscape starts to shake, large clouds of ash emerge over the landscape, 4 gigantic worms start to slither under the surface creating large cyclones of ash ,the landscpe is billowing extreme …

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