Borders: Chaos Fire


The ashen landscape starts to shake, large clouds of ash emerge over the landscape, 4 gigantic worms start to slither under the surface creating large cyclones of ash ,the landscpe is billowing extreme heat. The NoNamed Formless appears Dark Cloaked ashen eyes In a form among the cloudsmoke. The many forms within appear and disappear creating confusion to many who see this. "I have not denied energy, we feel that it is ours, We are ASH, We are the end of life, For I will survive as this world burns. For which it will. I will give what is needed to claim this world." The landscape shudders one last time, the plains settle down the worms go deep awaiting their chance to set upon anyone entering ash realm.

The Nonamed One chooses to add to his desolate landscape to the North below the large hills of ash. Among the burned out hulks of twisted trees a howl ashen wind blows substance into form…   Ragged creatures that walk upright claw up from the ash, covered in dark rags they appear completely covered. Their face are goggles and a respirator.

Fire is welcome, look and see, I'm still there after you burn.


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