Viewed as giants by the Anashim, the winged and charismatic Benim-El are typically stand about 7 feet tall and weigh about 220 pounds. Their pale skin neither tans nor burns and often appears slightly pearl- or opalescent, providing a startling foil to their dark hair and eyes, both of which may have a metallic sheen or, alternately, a curiously matte appearance. Standing in the presence of a Ben-El may invoke in the observer a sense of the otherworldly, manifesting perhaps as a sense of divine peace, or of compelling power, or of overwhelming mystery.

According to Anashim lore, the Benim-El are of divine ancestry, resulting from long-ago unions of the Sons of the Gods (of Tzedek, Ba’al, or an Air Avatar) with the Daughters of Man (Anashim women). Consequently, they are highly revered by the Anashim and often hold positions of great influence, although they tend to avoid direct rule.

The Benim-El are divided into two groups: the Nephilim, who have settled in Zaphon, and the Rephaim, who reside in Ugarit. 


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