The Chaos Cult is the broad name that encompasses all Tauran followers of chaos.    This includes the original cult members who worship nature in its infinite variety to the more recent tribes who began to take power and started the first Chaos War.

Original Cult members are still found throughout the Tauran population.  These members believe in little social structure, typically forming nomadic bands.  The members found in cities often find themselves in advisory roles.   Their openness to alternate ideas is a rare thing in the herd minded masses.  

After influence from the BlackBull, an avatar of Chaos, the chaos cults completed their study of the cosmos and wrote the "Eschatology of the Planes" these scrolls, also known as the ChaosScrolls were used to create a world wide nexus storm.  Many avatars and cities were hurt or destroyed.  The Chaos Cult demanded tribute, but the world joined forces and fought back.

The Black Bull Avatar also taught the cult the secrets of Necromancy.  Several Lich Lords were created through foul magic. Of the original six Lich Lords there are now only four. 

After the war, the Chaos cult retreated to the polar nexus and city Gorgineaux.   The Chaos Cult is now based there.   THe northern Tundra is now the home to the bulk fo the Chaos cult. 

Other Chaos Cult Details: 

MindControl – Taking over Kervac & The death of the Second LichLord. 

Wildflowers -  The nomadic Tauran tribe who have troubled the players periodically.  


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