In the beginning all forces were one, but as the existence condensed four elements formed and battled each other in a pyramid of power. Their borders erupted and ripped at each other. Diametric opposition in contact with each other created cataclysmic conflict. Life as we know it did not exist, nor did the material world. This was a time of primal elemental power, and the 4 elements raged with fury and opposition.

From this tetrahedron of conflict, rules and chaos became established. The opposites began to balance. To balance order, chaos formed and the cube of planes was born. With this structure, the material world was created… but each culture has their own view on how that exactly happened. What is known is that as the elemental pyramid shifted to the cube of balance. Within this more stable structure, the world was formed and life began to walk. As the world was formed, so the FirstAge began.

The basic structure of the known universe is that there are 6 major planes of power and 12 intersecting borders. The intersections act as a buffer and vent for the powerful energies of each primary plane. There is little substance to the secondary planar intersections, so they have little else there besides their essence. Despite their lack of space or power, without the secondary planes and the diametric structure of the cube, the prime elemental forces would collapse, it is unknown what would happen then, but the material world would certainly suffer, if not be destroyed.

The primary faces of the cube each have a direct connection to the physical world. This conduit gives magic and power to those who can tap into it. Practitioners of magic learn to weave and control that connection and can manifest its power in the material world.

Aside from the 6 planes, their intersecting sub-planes, the aether that binds and connects, and the material world, there is no other known universes, dimensions, or places.

The Aether connects to all the realms. Material Plane sentient life forms can also visit the Aether. Creatures from the Material Plane are bound and connected to it, as such, they can not continue on and travel into the planes. Creatures from the Planes have no connection to the material plane and as such, can not go there from the aether. All can interact in the Aether, but can only return to their place of origin. Many avatars or orders will visit the Aether in order to see and interact with beings from their home plane. The exception to this is the nexus portals.

Nexus portals open periodically and allow for direct transit between the planes and the material world. These portals are often one way, but allow any entity traveling through them to switch their anchor and become part of the new location. So a creature going from the planes to the material world, would then be linked to the material world. A creature moving from the material world to the planes would then be linked to the planes.

View pictures of the planar model here:

The material world rotates from Light (order) to Dark (chaos) each day. Each day has 4 major and 4 minor segments. These segments constitute once day.

Darkness 5 hours Chaos Chaos Chaos Chaos
Lesser Dusk 1 Hour Ash Dust Salt Vacuum
Lightrise 5 hours Fire Earth Water Air
Twilight 1 Hour Radiance Mineral Steam Lightning
Light 5 hours Order Order Order Order
Lsr Twilight 1 hour Steam Lightning Radiance Mineral
Lightset 5 hours Water Air Fire Earth
Dusk 1 hour Salt Vacuum Ash Dust

The skies appear as follows when under each of these planes:

Chaos: Empty Black Sky.
Order: Pure White Sky.
Fire: swirling deep reds, the swirls shift slowly over many cycles representing the flow and ebb of powers in the plane. 
Earth:  rich browns with mineral sparkles.  The colors and hues of the sparkles shift as the season begins and ends.  Each new plane span changes the concentrations and position of the mineral sparkles, but adept followers of earth can read these signs.  Farmers learn what crops to plan and plant. 
Water: swirling deep blues, the subtle textures of blue are said to be the tides of the plane of water.
Air: All the celestial beings in the plane of air can be seen as stars from the world.  Their positions are fixed although swirling in the sky, but in the elemental plane they have no fixed location.  The stars seen from the world are the metaphysical symbols of the celestial deities.  The sign of the Plane of Air, the Great Air Cult or the Great Air Spirit is a single large star with eight stars encircling it and trailing off.  Most of the celestial beings are elementals, but a few other types of creatures exist.
Radiance: Shimmering Rainbow that shimmer into light.
Steam: Quickly moving white grey wisps of sky that Roll into Light.
Lightning: Flickering Light that solidifies into Light.
Mineral: Dull Yellows that brighten into Light.
Salt: dull whites that fade to black. 
Vacuum: still blue black skies that shift to an inky black.
Ash: mottled grey white skies that deepen into black
Dust: Brown grey that deepens into black.

The Short Half year seasons tend to affect weather as well. 
Ooze: Soft Greens, high waters, flooding.  Temperatures fluctuate daily cool clammy to hot humid.  Lots of rains.
Ice: Crisp Bright skies with cold temperatures. Frost and freezing occurs as well as snowing. 
Magma: Deep Ruddy skies, dry and warm.
Smoke: Cloudy grey, dry and hot.

The world rotates through one set of the 3 diametrically opposed planes for a period called a planespan.   Each Planespan takes the equivalent of 6 years. These  years pass in four spans which make a full planar cycle.  Each half-cycle (12 years) changes the diametric planes it rotates through.  It takes 24 years to complete 1 full cycle.     There is a half year period of time during the Planespan shift when the lightRise and lightset pass through the elemental border realms. These secondary seasons are often the times for gatherings and cultural events an example from the Tauran culture is below:

Fire/Water – Planespan of Fire 5.5 years
Magma/Ice –  Season of Youth .5 years
Earth/Air -  Planespan of Earth
Ooze/Smoke – Season of Family
Water/Fire – Planespan of Water
Ice/Magma – Season of Elders
Air/Earth – Planespan of Air
Smoke/Ooze – Season of Community


Common Time Measurements: 


Face (6 days)

Full Face/ Full Facing (18 Days)

Season (108 Days)

Planespan (1944 Days, ~5.5 years) 

Half Cycle (~12 years)

Full Cycle (~24 years) 

 There are six Full Faces in a Season.  There are 18 seasons in a Planespan.


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