Prototypical racial profile.   Primarily located in the Northern Barrier Peaks.    The most technologically advanced civilization on the planet.


Lakeside Dwarfish Full Compliment

The three facings of dwarfs each have some common items and traits.
MINERAL –  #1-6. Each has a gemstone medallion. All are trained soldiers,with an area of expertise.
RADIANCE – #7-12. Each has multiple magic stones. All except 12 are Fadon / Radiance fanatics. Milli-Worms are sworn enemies.
MAGMA – #13-18. Each wears a violet-red hat or headband. All except 13 are priest-engineers of magma. 
SPECIALISTS- #19-20. Each is formerly flesh, but their souls and bodies were disconnected.  The millipedes and life eaters never did their final work.  The few survivors of the army used the nexus to teleport out.  Rhyn & The Professor's souls were transferred to the cogwork bodies they inhabit today.  Few of these sentient cogworks exist, they are called dworgs. 

Key: R- Rank or Profession ; N- Name ; Bk- Background ; Br- Brains ; Bo- Body ; Additional Notes or Items.
Rank Key: T- Terrible ; P- Poor ; M- Mediocre ; F- Fair; Gd- Good ; Gr- Great; S- Superb ; L- Legendary

1.R- Lieutenant ; N- Fairmis Ayvureighl; Bk- Gd ; Br- F ; Bo- Gd; Shield of Earth (P). Leader of Mineral & Mission.  
2.R- Jeweler ; N- Brearu Umvurgaugh ; Bk- Gd ; Br- Gd ; Bo- M ; Crystal Armor (M).
3.R- Crystal Engineer; N- Ahree Creek ; Bk- F ; Br- F ; Bo- F ; Crystal Bow (F). 
4.R- Gemsinger ; N- Rheekul Shomdraugh ; Bk- L ; Br- F ; Bo- F ; Standard Bearer, Primary Defense. 
5.R- Warrior of Citrine ; N- Abba Dawndraugh ; Bk- G ; Br- F ; Bo- F ; Axe of Citrine (M). Transform into Crystal (Bk)
6.R- Malachite Knight ; N- Seth Lake ; Bk- Gr ; Br- Go ; Bo- Gr;  Transform into Malachite (Bk), Resist Magic, Lightning, Heal Disease.  Second in Command of Mineral

7.R- Healer ; N- Jah-Nee Knollvur; Bk- Gr; Br- Gd; Bo- Gr; Fated – Lose body & transfer essence.   Second in Command of Radiance.
8.R- Rainbow Mage; N- Ahren Rainbow; Bk- Gd; Br- M; Bo- M;  Prismatic Staff (Gd)
9.R- Herald of Fadon; N- Prism Deighvurlaugh; Bk- F; Br- F; Bo- F;  Shield of Fadon (F)
10.R- Sisterhood; N- River Burvurlaugh; Bk- Gd; Br- M; Bo- F; Paired Prism Swords (F) 
11.R- Brotherhood; N- Swickard Graysvur; Bk- Gd; Br- P; Bo- Gd; Paired Prism Swords (F) 
12.R- Tinker (Lightning); N- Tidion Lake; Bk- S; Br- G; Bo- F; Gadget & Tool Laden.  Leader of Radiance & Third in Command overall. 

13.R- Runemage (Earth); N- Riley Forkvur; Bk- S; Br- G; Bo- F;  Leader of Magma &Second in Command overall.
14.R- Engineer; N- Eva Dixvur; Bk- M; Br- F; Bo- Gd; Wand of Magma (F)
15.R- Blacksmith; N- Ahlux River; Bk- Gr; Br- Gd; Bo- Gr;  Second in Command of Magma.
16.R- Lava Druid; N- Desti Oncvur; Bk- M; Br- M; Bo- Gd; Obsidian Knife (Gd). Turn into Lava (Bk)
17.R- Lava Druid; N- Rissal Larsvurlaugh; Bk- F; Br- F; Bo- F; Sling (F).  Anti-Cog Bomb (1).
18.R- Apprentice; N- Perry Josvur; Bk- P; Br- F; Bo- Gd; Axe of the Lords (Gd)

19.R- Dworg Veteran; N- Rhyn Creek; Bk- Gd; Br- M; Bo- S;  AntiMagic (T). Huge, Armored.
20.R- Dworg Engineer; N- 'Professor'; Bk- F; Br- F; Bo- P;  Control Works (Gr). Small, Tooled.


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