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General Overview:
The Material World consists of a large central continent in the shape of a solid V.   There are a few small island chains that are not connected to the main continent.   At this stage, the world has formed and a handful of races and orders have been founded.

Claw Islands:
The most isolated set of islands are called The Claw Islands primarily inhabited by Water worshiping amphibious humanoids.   A group of a half dozen main islands, the largest of which is shaped vaguely like a C or claw hand.   In the center of the largest main Claw island, there is an underwater nexus.   A land based city sits on the inside of C.  These people have a Neutral Avatar that protects and guides them.  The people have opened themselves to the various planes and have an open culture of study, any plane may be pursued.  They have raised an Army as well.     These people have theorized that heated water and steam may be used to power devices, but have not developed steam yet.  

Main Continent:
In the upper left starts with a large island and peninsula formation.  The island is the largest island. It's northern coast is mountainous and it's southern coast is deciduous forest.  It is currently unpopulated.

The peninsula is mainly dense forest with a pattern of rivers.  On the peninsula a volcano is surrounded by a ring of mountains.  The peninsula is connected to the main continent by a narrow forested track. The mainland consists of a mountainous region.   The peninsula is home to the Trin-ja, a race of 4ft tall sentient squirrel like people who live arboreal and are masters of martial combat.  They have two cities, each with a standing army of warriors.  T'co is located in the south near the narrow tract and a large river.    Bauhb is located further north nearer to the Mountain Ring.  The Trin-ja are primarily an earth based culture and have rejected the offer of the Air emissaries to teach them their knowledge. 

A very large bay separates the peninsula from the mainland.  This bay is called the Dead Sea, and holds the Blight of Life.   The blight prevents life from flourishing and so this area of the sea is named. The northern inside of the main V continent has mountains, pine forests, and lakes, along with coastal fertile ground.  A human avatar and race of farming humans have just been manifest in this area, but are still young and undetermined in their nature. 

The left V coast is low mountains, lakes and some fertile plains.   In the central left inland area rests the source of the Blight of Life, The Pit of Doom.   The Doom pit is a great chasm and deep sinkhole.   Lake Willowbee rests to the south and a large river feeds into the Doomed chasms, eventually draining into the many canyons and caverns.  The area smells of deep stagnant earth.   Here in the Doomed chasms lives the fire daemon.   The Fire Daemon is the avatar and birth father of the Black Demons.   These black demons stand 8 ft tool and are experts at fire magic.  They have a city located in the northern reaches of the chasms, which has a standing army of black fire demons . 

The North Central inland consists of the ice tundra. The ice tundra is separated from the Northwest forests by a large inlet of very rough seas.  Essentially a huge bay, the Rough Sea is cold and harsh.   The ice tundra has no population yet.   

To the south of the Rough sea starts the Barrier Peaks.  This long stretch of mountain runs down the center of the V.  The Northern Barrier peaks is populated by a young race of Dwarves who have no Avatar.     The western areas of the Barrier peaks is a lake region. The waters are clear and mountain fed, but the land is blighted.  Once the most fertile grounds, now this region is home to the Gish.   Gish are martial in stature and have embraced order (light).   They are experts in warfare, have the secrets of steel, and have taken on the Clockwork Avatar Tic He as their god and leader.   Tic He came down from the mountain and taught them the structure and order of society.  The Thals have embraced the Light magic and are a lawful society.   They have two cities. Tik and Chaka.  Each city has a standing Army.   Tik is walled, but Chaka is not.   The Gish actively seek guidance and trade with the Veeza (See below). 

The central Barrier peaks are ice capped and snowy.  Here in the central peaks is the lost city of the shapers.  This is a race of shape changing alchemists.  They worship the avatar they call The First and have scattered spies across the world.  They all posess some telepathic power and are strongly involved with the Veeza.   The Southern Barrier Peaks end in farmland and the southern tip of the main V continent.  

South of the V has a string of long thin islands that despite being at the pole have a tropical warm environment.  This area is home to a race of nature spirits, primarily earth worshipers and have rejected the offer of Air to teach them.    These Beach Nymphs worship a nature goddess avatar and have a city located next to a magical nexus named Epheria

The eastern regions of the Barrier peaks are primarily desert and plains.

The upper right of the V is rolling plains and the home of the Minotaur.  The minotaurs have embraced Chaos and despite their agrarian pursuits, have mastered chaos magic.  The dark order is a group of chaos magic scholars who have been researching and writing the Scrolls of the 5.    The minotaurs were the first race of the planet and have three cities.  Kervak in the north was founded first, then Lake hollow in the southwest and Thredge a bit further west and closer inland to the V where the lakes, pine forest, and plains come together. 

Pine forests transition into fertile ground along the left central V.   This area is home to the Elat, an angelic earth avatar of the Anashim people.    There are two distinct races, a group of 4' tall dark haired and 750 year old humanoids and a race of giants.  These races are broken into two cultures. The northern Nephalim live centered around the city of BehShaar and the Raphalim to the south in the city of Beth Hacham.    Both groups have earth and healing magic.  The Raphalim have embraced the order of Air and welcomed them to teach and found a school of Air magic.   The region is coastal and grows figs, olives, and nuts, to the western inland lies a long thin strand of mountains and on the other side is the devouring desert.  The desert is full of sinkholes and quicksand. 

The south right V is the place of Fang Mountain.  An immense singular mountain that is home to the Avatar Lady Evonna.  The lady founded the order of Veeza to study the magic of discovery.  Clairvoyance, illusion, future knowledge, telepathy, and fortunes.    The order is gypsy like, but has it's home at Mount Fang.  The veeza are oracles and sages, they accept any race or people as long as they are true to the craft of unlocking the present and future.     The Veeza have studied all the worlds cultures to date and are experts in Anthropology of the material world. 

Off the south right V coast is the Sea of Storms, and on the other side of that sea is a set of islands, called the Isles of Dashar.  The isles are populated by a group of Elves who have accepted the presence of the Air Embassy and are experts in Air Magic (weather) and are expert seamanship. 


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