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A Brief Synopsis of the Early Stages of the Chaos War, as recorded in the Cold City by Tinbaum Niv of the Historical Archive.  

The first report of military action was the taking of Gorigeneux, but the true roots of the chaos war has far more ancient and deep roots.  Our spies warned the our people of the military plan, so when the Tauran armies arrived, there was little resistance and many traps.  It was unfortunate to lose that city, but the first avatar said it was our place to do so.  Our people suffered no losses during the retreat from Gorigeneux, but our traps and defenses took several of the Tauran armies.

While we knew the Tauran were not planning on staying in Gorigeneux, we did not anticipate the unleashing of the Chaos Scrolls and the mad transcriptions of the five lords of chaos.  In the great storm, the first avatar sacrificed its life to protect the cold city and keep us safe from the ravages of the storm.   Here the truth of the chaos cult was revealed.

At first the ancient chaos magic practitioners were non violent.  The chaos cult was a nature worship cult that believed in tolerance and infinite variety.  They accepted all, and eventually their acceptance and tolerance for discovery touched into the dark arts of chaos.  Splinter groups formed and began to learn the secret of shadow and unlife.  Their herds roamed the remote lands and grew in number.  Eventually they made contact with the Five Lords of Chaos. From them they learned the secret of true unlife and the lichlords were formed with the blood of slain gods.  These lich lords called to the great plane of chaos and so the black avatar came to the herd.    We believe it to be the Black Avatar of Chaos who first spoke the words and rituals found in the Eschatology of the Planes, or Chaos Scrolls as they are commonly called.  Armies were raised and Chaos Herd came to power.    

Most people believe the Great Storm to be the beginning of the Chaos War and for most races, this is true.  And since we, the first, are nameless among them, our prelude of the taking of the city is obscured.

With Gorigeneux and the Scrolls, the Tauran demanded tribute to them or they would unleash more destruction and they marched their Armies to Ha'Aretz, where the great wall stalled the Tauran Advance.    With many Air Cult leaders behind them, Armies were raised across the eastern half of the peaks and they went to fight the Tauran.   Along the southeastern coast of the Tauran lands a quick and destructive battle took place.  Farview city was a major stronghold of the Chaos Cult, and the base of the growing Tauranian sea presence.  This city was the landing site of the Dasharian Fleet.  They destroyed the area and sank the Tauran from the seas.  The raw magical power of air and water was  awesome and struck fear into the Tauran. To this day nearly all Tauran are very wary of Dasharians.     The Tauran armies were now spread on two fronts, and had been dealt a critical blow.   The War Council thought that a concentrated effort could break the northern front and take Gorigeneux back.  It was theorized that the Chaos Scrolls would have less power at a smaller nexus (like the one at Kervac). While these efforts was underway, many spies attempted to steal the Chaos scrolls.   4 of the 9 Raven Air Genie spies were slain in attempts.    The armies did better and drove the Chaos Armies out from Gorigeneux.    This process took six years over the Planespan of Air (5.5 years)  Only 1 Army came to the aid of the Tauran, a flight of Lizards and daemon riders, few of them lived through the massive waves of Air Cult troops, as well as their local nemesis the Gish.  

The Season of Community began with the retreat of the Chaos Cult armies.  Shaken, the Chaos Cult pulled their forces back to Kervac and set an ambush for the Armies lead by Air.   It is unknown how, but the Air Lead Armies walked right into the trap and were smashed by a chaos storm.  It was intended to cause the Air Fortress to teleport to the Ha'Aretz lands and destroy a city there.   Instead, the Air Avatar Pilot, survived the initial storm assault and with his last breath, steered the Fortress into Kervac, smashing into the main gathering of Chaos Cult leaders in the Temple of the Herd.    The Air Avatar was slain in the crash, but he succeeded in scattering the lichlord cult leaders.  It is said that a Lichlord rests under the crashed ship, and when the ship rises, so shall chaos be reborn.  This superstition of the Tauran is thought to be part of the reason that they are not keen to see the ship fly again!  

During the Planespan of Fire, a window opened for internal Tauranian factions to rise up, which they did almost immediately.   It is believed that the crash shook the hold that the Chaos Cult had over the Herd, perhaps even freeing the species as a whole from total control or domination.  The scattering and civil uprising split the Taurans between Air (Order) and Chaos. The destabilized Tauranian armies could not take advantage of the trap they had laid.

Given a respite, The Air led armies recovered.  Over the Planespan of Fire, they pushed in from two fronts and were successful in driving back the Chaos cult influence as they Advanced.   They arrived to find Kervac deserted of Chaos influence.  Like the example before them, they retreated to the nexus and teleported their entire herd and four full armies across the nexus lines to Gorigeneux.  While they have the city, they no longer posess the Eschatology of the Planes, so they can not activate another storm.   The Cult was now far from the Air led Armies and they fortified the Tundra.  Over the span, they have rapidly advanced themselves with magic and knowledge to better survive and thrive in the sparse north, mastering Magma and Steam.  

Other events have happened over this time as well (
12 years).   

The most astonishing thing was the assault on the Veeeza by the Gish Armies.  We are still puzzled by their change of opinion of the Veeza and have no idea where such a change could have come from, but it happened and the order of Veeza and the Lady and all their relics were scattered to the continent and beyond.   What all seeing sight and future could not have seen such cataclysm?

The most deadly occurrence was the death of the Dwarven city of DEEPFORGE (?).   The plane of Vacuum opened a chaos powered portal in the heart of the Fane of Magma.   The Holy Temple to Magma and Fire and Order and the source of heat and steamworks.    The portal sucked the very life out of every living creature in the city to fuel the magical portal into this plane of the Essence.    The essence is Vacuum.   It drains life from those around it.  Even as it Posesses ones flesh, the flesh dries and rapidly becomes as brittle as dust.  This is fine as the essence just moves on to another body.  There are many fragments of the Essence, and we have seen them begin to roam.  Always they accompanied by strange alien giant millipedes called Millworms.   Millworms drain the moisture from organic tissue.  They will eat a cabbage as easy as a baby.  As long as a man, some perhaps twice so, the Millworms roam in small groups, following an Essence.  

During the  Planespans of Air and Fire, The bulk of the Chaos War has been fought, although now the Tauran people as a whole are free and the Chaos Cult is contained in the East.  The Tauran have begun to rebuild and believe that they are free from the influence of the Cult.    But there are those who sense trouble in the Aether.  The Chaos Cult continues to grow stronger and they have been joined by The All-Consuming Flame.  This order seeks to propagate the destructive side of Fire.  The Fire Giants and hell hounds have joined among the ranks of the border Armies.  There are some who say that the balance is disrupted and that the next Season will be a strange one.  Soon, The Plane of Magma ascends into Lightrise.  Although the Air led Armies are massed on the edge of the Tundra in the temperate borderlands and the Chaos Scrolls have been lost for nearly a full cycle, there are many who predict  that This season of magma will be more explosive than quiet.


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