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Forge was the first dwarven city.  Of all the settlements of the world, Forge had the most advanced engineering.  During its prosperous times great steam turbines pumped both hot and cold water through the city.  Enchanted pipes ran along the Mountainside city throughways and delivered water.  In the furnaces, the raw magma was used to process the metalworks forges.  The dwarven people had mastered the arts in metal, jewels and glass.  Their great refinement both manual and magically created.  The dwarven people developed a system of crystal coils that generated raw power.  The power would charge magical devices and crystal batteries nearby.   These stations allowed the manufacture of low power magical devices to become prolific.   The street corners crystal conduits literally filled the air with magic energy.  

The secret of making clockworks also was bestowed upon the dwarves; Tic He, the avatar of order, lived in Forge for a while.  While there, Tic He founded the engineering college and taught the dwarves the art of cog machines and steam power.    Forge was also home to one of the great stone avatars  from the earth plane. The Silent Herald and kobold slaves taught architecture and construction and artisan skills to the dwarves.  The mountainside aqueducts catch rain and spring run off, storing them in deep  caves.  To the dwarves, water was important only as a tool to mix with Magma in order to create the sacred steam. 

Culturally the cityfolk favored worship, naming, and social orders related to the intersections of  Earth, Fire and Order.   The most important planes in Forge were magma and steam.  Through these two planes, all other advancements were possible.   The Great Fane was established deep in the core of the mountain magma to honor the heat and steam.  Druid priests built a sacred altar and temple in honor of the two planes .  The altar overlooked the magma level of the volcano as well as many natural steam ports.

It was a lovely city, but all of the culture and people were lost when the essence event occurred.   A catastrophic event happened as the nearby nexus became a portal to the plane of vacuum.   The essence of vacuum portaled to the material world, following it through were an army of 5 foot long millipedes from the plane of Salt.  A symbiotic relationship was formed quickly between the life draining essence  and the moisture sucking millipedes. As the essence began draining the life from the dwarven people, it fragmented and created more like itself.  Soon, hundreds and then thousands of the essences took over the city draining the dwarves for the millipedes to suck dry.    A few surface dwarves escaped, and a few powerful were able to hide or protect themselves deep in the caves, but only a handful.  Overtime, the essences began to spread and some brave brigands raided the above ground area for loot, but none who ventured into the under city came out again.  

Contingents of dwarven cavalry from the nearby dwarven town are now moved in and use the city entrance as a remote camp.  A new group rides in every 3-4 days.    Occasionally a Gish patrol flies out to check on the site and nexus. 

When the essence event occurred, it created a shift in worship.   The planes of magma, fire, and order joined together to strike back at two profaned locations.   Their power created a major event during the planar shift to the 100 day Magma Cycle.   Many cycles ago the Trin avatar turned the volcano extinct and covered the mountaintop in snow.  Now, the great volcano in the Trin peninsula was reignited in a unbound fury that burned the entire peninsula down. Only a few scattered bands of Trin survive.  In the husk of Forge, the magma swelled and filled the void created by the life eaters.  The eruption filled the under-mountain city with thick burning fury. The event destroyed many and drove out the remaining few life eater essences.  

The outlying farms and fields are well marked but have long gone wild.   The major cobble roads are still visible and the major route to the entrance is maintained by regular use (Dwarven Guard/Patrol).
The above ground lands have been looted fully.  While not destroyed, there has been no upkeep and rough treatment if not a ransack.  The fires and magma blast has covered and destroyed what little above ground that was left. 


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