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KERVAC, Taupac Capital, former home to the Chaos Cult.

Population: 260,000

The pace of life in the Kervac is slow. Many non Tauran find the culture too slow. The citizens of Kervac are confused by the great rush and influx of outsiders after the Chaos cult was driven out.

Kervac – The first and oldest city on the planet. Located on the northern edge of the plains, Kervac is located on the coast of The Round lake. It is a sprawling low expanse of earth and stone structures, as well as stone walled private pastures and many public park areas. Open and well laid out, the streets and walks are constructed wide. Citizens regularly care for the public streets and walks so they are well kept, and easy to navigate. The public parks and buildings are built with the utmost care. Construction is slow and deliberate, nothing in the Tauran cities is done without careful thought and guidance.

Nearly all the vegetation in the city is edible as feeding the population requires a sizable volume of food each day. Nut and fruit trees of various types ripen and are in season at various times throughout the year. Bushes typically have edible fruit, flowers, or leaf. It is common for Tauran to eat and snack throughout the day.


The Lake is an integral part of life, but boating is not common. Floating platforms are used and the shallows are used to harvest lake grass, cattails, and small fish. Kervac is an exception in meat eating, as many small fish are dried or brined and eaten whole. West Lakeside areas include the brinery and the fishery. North Lakeside has the public shore baths and nursery where mothers and calves live and birth.

Central Kervac is the closest thing to a capital in the Tauran nation. The central part of the city is where the temple of the herd exists. The Temple of the herd is the shrine to the avatar and the Tauran nation. Although not spectacular or wonderful, the simple four walled structure is where the AIR FORTRESS is currently crashed. Central Kervac is where all the outsiders primarily live.

East Kervac is the most transitory part of the city, herds arrive and leave here, there are many temporary and overflow dormitory style residences. The transitory residents tend to get the least preferred public jobs, but can earn there way into a permanent place in the city through hard work and dedication.

South Kervac has most of the permanent housing, food collection, and limited production facilities that exist in the city. South Kervac has the most established and entrenched citizens and there is a neighborhood call The Hill where is the most powerful and influential Tauran live.

The Long lake is a few days travel east and its southern coast is home to the strategic ley line nexus. Several herds regularly rotate out to the nexus to monitor and study it. The changing line (N-S) is a powerful primary line and the stable line (E-W) is a shorter line, but is strategic in its connection to the Northern Great Nexus.


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