Lakeside is the largest dwarven surface city and new default capital of the dwarven kingdom.   Following the path of Steam, many dwarven clans began to pursue water magic and technological order.  These pioneers founded Lakeside more than twelve planar cycles ago (~300 years.  Only a few of them are still alive, but in the changing climate after the life eater incident, the original founders felt it was time to step down and pass leadership to the next generations.  

Lakeside has always been part of the dwarven kingdom. The city state always paid taxes, tribute and conscripted dwarves for the kingdom.  Now Lakeside acts as the capital and center of dwarven culture.   

Smaller towns and communities, exist all around the Lake, but the far shore is less populated.  In the past few years, all these villages have been forced to become part of the Lakeside empire through economic and military action.  

Lakeside population has doubled over the past six years, half due to the refugees, and half from the annexation of other lands.   

New Empire of Steam total population:    48,000

Lakeside City:     18,000    (12,000 native, 6,000 refugees)
Steam Island:         6,000 (1,000 Engineers, 1,000 Refugee Prisoners, 4,000 Marines)
Outer Territories:    24,000 (5,000 refugees. 8,000 native, 11,000 Annexed “new citizens”)

The political situation in Lakeside is tense.   The pressure on the new government has been immense as the refugees poured in after the Fall of Forge.   That event was a horror unto the dwarven people.  In a bold move, all the military was moved out of shore to Steam Island.    The refugees poured into the Fort.  About six thousand settled in, with another six thousand staying outside of the city.   The fort became an overcrowded slum of refugees.  

A massive project built the great works, where a new army was forged.   An army of steam power war machines have been built.  The steam navy has grown and expanded to include outposts around the lake.   All lands around the lake are now policed by the Steam Marines.  

The town of Lakeside is Run by a council of six lords.   
Rtan Vaultgrinder    Lord Mayor Elect
Sotiri Godsvault    Lord of Farmers    Represents the Outer Territories
Tako Gishslayer    Lord of Blacksmiths    Represents Engineers
Teroru Gishcrusher    Lord of Steam     Represents Warlocks
Toh Goodblade    Lord of the Lake    Represents Fishing & Merchants
Tohhun Earthbullion    Lord of Lumber    Represents Timber & Construction
Nombi Greatchop    Lord of New Forge    Represents Refugees

Lord of the Navy:      Tergil Bladesmith, A rapier wielding Admiral.

Heroes Liaison:     Aoro Darkender
Magma Temple:    Dbel Redarmor
Magma Elder:        Dain, who told the story of the Hill Giant Blacksmith, Rakerim.  Beaux, the minotaur warrior now wears Rakerim's armor.   The armor is from the plane of fire and provides one with the ability to be impervious to poison, To be a slippery wrestler, and the ability to fly.   

The Lords of Lakeside have determined a oligarchy republic.  The major interests, aligned into six houses,  choose a Lord Mayor Elect.   In the event of ties, the Lord Mayor Elect decides the vote.  The Lord Mayor may also introduce business and strategy suggestions to the Lords.   Each House competes for citizen representation through regular communication with their house members.  It is somewhat of a “keeping up with the neighbors” public competition to see who can produce the best information.  Media is recorded onto gems and crystals.  These crystals are then distributed.  Influencial Warlocks and all priests are provided copies; Houses will provide Halls that broadcast the crystals for group viewing.    This industry is very competitive and crystal engineers are highly paid and regarded.   They are called Communicators.  The House Halls are very popular and the primary form of entertainment.  Halls often have fundraiser events or scheduled sessions where classic histories and re-played and stories told around them, but are otherwise considered free.  Many do contribute tips based on their enjoyment or appreciation for a certain crystal.  Otherwise, Halls are funded by the citizen members through tithing.  

Historically, the steam of forge was provided through the felling of  forest from around the lake.  With the arrival of the refugees, came a wonderful resource.  The temple of Magma acquired Magma from the twice ruined Forge.  They consecrated it and built a new temple with the essence of the plane.  The new temple allowed the priests to pull a small amount each day from the Magma source.    This new source became the batteries of the advanced steam marine machinery and provided the resource to power the new Navy.  

The temple of Magma works very closely with the Temple of Steam and stands to move into prominence during the next cycle.   The Temple of Steam works very closely with the Navy and the Blacksmiths.  All have profited greatly from Magma, and Magma holds the strings to the commodity of the new empire.    There have been talks about a far shore timber project, building up a large reserve of fuel as a back up resource, but by and large Magma has maneuvered to a strong position.

There is a large steam whistle at the temple of Steam that communicates out to Steam Island for support and short messages using a short set of whistle blasts for messages.

In this political Hotbed, the princess, haunted sole survivor of the Undercity of the Fall of Forge seeks the Party.  Her friend, the other survivor of Forge, Rym, was lost during the recent retaking.   A full facing of 20 volunteer heroes went back to directly investigate now that the ash has settled.  Rym made his third Journey to Forge.   The full facing were to witness the twice ruined city, it is suspected this action would precede a full take over invasion.   Several Crystal weapons and defenses were deployed and a facing of six returned.  

The six survivors of the Twice Ruined City excursion were:
Lieutenant Fairmis Ayvureighl of the Mineral contingent
Lieutenant Communicator Riley Forkriver of the Magma contingent.
Crystal Engineer Ahdree Creekside of the Mineral contingent
Gemsinger Rheekul Shombruagh of the Mineral contingent
Herald of the Fadon Prism Deighvurlaugh of the Radiance contingent  
Healer Jah'nee Knollvur of the Radiance contingent, Jah'nee lost her body to the life eaters, but soul was put into the cogwork body of the dead dworg known as The Professor.   She will be one of the few dworgs and highly sought after.  She is taking the change very hard.


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