The Lost City, is actually located at a central nexus.  Its true name is the Cold City, and until fairly recently was deliberately removed   The city itself is walled and warded.  The nexus is the home to the Lineship Yard.  The nexus is on a large plateau.  Lineship warehouses and construction yards line the area, maximum exposure to the lines and nexus has been built in.  The yards serve as the base for the new Lineship trade service.   

No visitors are allowed offship while at the Lost City and Yards.  The nexus is simply a junction and traffic moves through safely and swiftly.  Diplomats must be proceded by a formal invitation from the city and are brought by an arranged Lineship.  

It is an open secret that the Changlings are the native citizens of the city.   There plane of ICE has a temple here, and the ICE AVATAR lives in the city.    A minotaur named Sinand Ivypatch Redspear, supported by the Heroes when they first met, is in residence at the City as a student of the ICE AVATAR. Redspear won the right to be a sacred guardian of the plane. He is in 12 years of training, then will begin his duty as a Nexus Guardian in the the Tauran Lands.   The ICE AVATAR is called The Keep of Secrets OR The Secret Keeper.    It is known that she is not humanoid. 

Known Cults & Individuals:

Sinand Ivypatch Redspear.

Ice Avatar

Lineship Navy

Lineship Guild 

Ice Cult 

Spy Network

The Unnamed Nemesis; The hero Beaux's sworn Enemy. 


Lineships now cross the land by riding along the ley lines. Some warlock captains can teleport from nexus to nexus!  Lineships have opened new trade routes and goods to all sort of people.  The curious band of heroes also met on a lineship traveling to Kervac.    The Lineships are predominantly piloted by Changelings who will shift appearance to the local predominant race.   With the expansion of the Guild trade routes, locals have been hired and put in place, so now nearly every race on the planet has a small population employed by the Lineship guild.    

 The Lineship Guild takes a percentage (2-5%) of all goods transported.  In the case of goods that a percentage can not phyiscally be removed, other barter or trade can be arranged.  Passangers are asked to pay a sliding scale based on their possessed goods.  Individuals with no gear are often allowed to travel for free.  Lineships are utilitarian in build and design.  They are designed for regular steady use rather than luxury.  

Some ships have also been built to teleport from nexus to nexus.  The ships built to teleport all belong to the Guild Navy, a branch of the army that uses the boats as their primary mode of travel and response to emergencies.   



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