Borders: Fire Earth


We are magma, the Wellspring of Creation!  All are welcome to partake of the warmth! Embrace our power and we shall form a new world together…in the heat of the crucible, all that which is dross will be burned away and only the Perfected shall remain.

Magma Avatar: Ah'aa  Features: Large, imposing figure. Rough, rocky black surface with cracks of yellow/orange magma between and beneath the surface. Ah'aa is worshiped as a deity of destruction, able to crack open and destroy large areas of the earth. He is just and slow to anger but will intervene in the Material World in a violent manner if he sees shameful or dishonest behavior.

Magma has strong influence in dwarven society through the clergy of Magma Priests. Magma worshippers are often also Sons of the Crucible. 

Most recently, Fire & Magma angered and three volcanos errupted simultaneously. The most powerful on the surface was on the Trin peninsula.  The dormant volanic mountain errupted in flow again, setting fire to the continent and all but wiping out the Trin squirrel people.

The second volcano filled the vacuum of Forge; it sealed off the cursed ruins of the dwarven city.  The third volcano was underwater outside of Claw Island.



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