Other Historyies:  FirstAge

In the second age of the Material world, the races took shape on the planet and the planes influence was  felt more steadily.

In terms of the planes influence being felt, the races and cultures began to understand and interact with them more regularly including practicing magic and worship.

The land of Elat accepted in the AIR ORDER and, already being an EARTH Based people, learned from these two.   As a boon to their people,  the lands of Elat were sent an EARTH AVATAR Artificer and one of the Three Storms, a Cloud Dragon.  Beth Shahaar and the magical nexus there also became home to a AIR MAGIC SCHOOL.  This process and a boon from their God gave the giant Raphaim wings and flight.   The Elat also formed an order, honoring LIGHTNING.  This order creates and tinkers and provides many of the standard issue magical weapons used by the armies.  The lands of Elat are prosperous and a great temple was built to the earth mother.  The lands hosted the construction of the mighty AIR FLYING FORTRESS  as well.  High in the mountains the great floating temple to the great air spirit and his orders on earth was built to honor and protect the people of AIR

The elven barbarians of the North have taken on the practice of severing their children's Silver Cord.  In a ritual practice the Shaman slices the chord and disconnects the 12 year old child from the Aether with a special magic knife.   Once severed the children grow to become anti-magic.   Signs point to the blade being created by CHAOS.

The Dwarven culture of the Barrier Peaks accepted in the FIRE ORDER-Sons of the Crucible, EARTH AVATAR Artificer, The VISIONS of Steam, and the LIGHT AVATAR- Clockwork Tic He as well.   With this significant interest, the Dwarven people founded a great city and have pursued many advancements.  They have created a sacred FANE to MAGMA (Earth & Fire) deep in the mountain core, as well as a temple to STEAM, with great clockwork that provides hot and cool running water and plumbing to their city.  

The Humans of the Northwest V filled the plains with a fuedal structured society and founded 3 cities.  A princess there adopted the RADIANCE ORDER – Sisterhood and is leading the struggling land cursed by the Black Daemon Blight.   They also adopted the EARTH AVATAR – Artificer and have built the most extensive road network on the world.

The humans of the southern V have adopted the RADIANCE ORDER – Brotherhood.   An agrarian and herding society, they have adopted the ORDER as part of their culture, but are very young as a culture.

The Black Daemons adopted the FIRE ORDER – Burning Flame.  They have taken the lands around the EARTH NEXUS in the PIT OF DOOM, but have not studied or practiced any Earth Magic.    The Black Daemons have allied with the Minotaurs and know have Chaos Magic in their society as well.

The Elves of the Isle of Dasharr accepted the AIR ORDER and contributed tribute, resources, and power to the construction of the AIR FLYING FORTRESS.   The elves also allied with the lands of Elat and shared with them the great sea ships.  

The Veeza seers and clairvoyants based on Fang Mountain gave tribute, resources, and guidance to the construction of the AIR FLYING FORTRESS.   Acting as advisors and open to all races.   The group accepted the CHAOS ORDER – Shadows.  The Veeza learned the Chaos Magic of future and fortunes.  The rituals and rites taught involve mutilation, torture, and sacrifice in order to see the future.   The Avatar Lady Veeza spent many years isolating and reducing this impact, but still in the upper levels of the school and temple of Fang Mountain are the hidden chambers of chaos, where disfigured forms from various races practice and refine the techniques of sacrifice. 

The doppelganger changelings and their avatar “the first” were cursed by the SALT AVATAR – Sod.  Long ago the first alchemists promised Sod much in exchange for his hand.  Sod agreed and severed his hand for the changelings to take to the Material world.   With such power and essential saltes, the doppelgangers quickly mastered alchemy and long forgot Sod.   This race is now cursed with a severe allergy to Salt and all suffer from Hydrophobia.    The race has also studied the AETHER and has mastered the art of traveling along the ley lines and nexus by magic and magical vehicles.

The orc like followers of Light have continued to build their armies, skills and knowledge.  Although their guide TIC HE left, they formed a Merit/Performance based society of reward and advancement.  As part of this social structure, they have founded a school. The first graduate of this school has ascended to become an Avatar (god) the people.   During this time they have prospered and seek counsel and work with/for the Changelings and Veeza. 

The Claw islands saw the rise of the WATER AVATAR and WATER ORDER.  The groups came from the water nexus and took over the culture of the Claw Islands.  They slew the avatar there as an infidel since the avatar was allowing the worship of other planes, such as STEAM.   The new order renamed the society and raised more armies.  The WATER AVATAR MARINOS led the armies across to sea to the South Pole where they engaged and destroyed much of the beach nymph culture, but the beach Nymphs retreated into their heavily fortified EARTH TEMPLES and with the use of EARTH ARTIFACT- Earthoon Chalk, were able to secret themselves into the very stone.  A few Nymphs still survive.

The Minotaur of the North East continued their study of dark magic.  They accepted the FIRE ARTIFACT – Crown of Fire.   The Minotaur also accepted the CHAOS AVATAR and the secret CHAOS ORDER of Shadows.    Their armies vast, they allied with the Black Daemons and shared knowledge to gain FIRE magic and skills of warfare.  One minotaur city, far north along the ice tundra, has stepped away from Chaos and has embraced AIR neutrality.  Another event drove the liches from a town as an event of ORDER/LIGHT magic created 6 years of constant light.   These cities are not ruled by a LICH as the other cities are.    The Minotaur are poised and have skirmished with the lands of Elat, including sending the Shadows to consume and slay two Avatars of the Elat.  The shadows slew an Elat God as well as the EARTH AVATAR – Artificer.     The Minotaurs have also created a CHAOS ARTIFACT – Scrolls of 5.   The armies marched on the Doppelganger city at the north pole and took the city.  There they tested this artifact in a vile event that caused a backlash surge across the ley lines and nexus.  This surge destroyed many Avatars including:
AIR SCHOOL – Beth Shahaar school destroyed

AT THIS TIME THE START OF THE THIRD MATERIAL AGE BEGINSAIR diplomats are mustering the peoples towards stopping the Minotaur threat.  With their test successful, the Minotaurs plan on unlocking the planar bonds and allowing chaos to consume all in destruction.     The Third age (Politics and Cultures) will be played on JUNE 21st.     I will provide a similar update to this at that time in time for your JUNE 30th move.   


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