The Tauran were the first race to walk the planet, their race spawned from the earth and chaos.  From the earth their bodies grew large and strong to roam the north east plains.  From chaos came their form, a mixed breed of beast and intelligence with strength and patience.   The race worshiped nature and its variety and are commonly named after plants, cycles, and natural phenomena.  Taurans are not typically named after other animals.

Tauran are a race of bovine humanoids who mainly live in nomadic herds among the north east plains of the main continent.  They do not have a specific name for their domain, simply calling it “The Lands.”   The majority of Tauran civilization are very group oriented.  Nomads are content to roam with their immediate herd, graze, and have a hobby or trade.   More industrious herds grow to a certain size and settle into towns which grow into cities.   Most independent minded Tauran choose to adventure away from the herd or pursue magic and lead herds as shamans and advisers.   Although not native, the chaos minotaurs have concentrated their forces and now live in the northern ice tundra in the city of Gorigeneux.

As one of the first races, they have no natural predators, early on by keeping to herds, they were able to keep away or drive off all major competition. Throughout the northeast plains, most of the flora and fauna have adapted to the Tauran dominance.

Above anything, Tauran value the herd.   As a herd they are strong, well defended, and have a good existence.  For the most part, prestige is gained through work for the herd, and those who are most dedicated, rise to lead and are looked up to.  Most Tauran are too dull-minded to see  their own accomplishments, and generally follow the general flow and tenor of those around them.   For the most part,  Things are black or white, never grey. Applying this principle to any other situation or dilemma will yield the Tauran reasoning behind it. To other races, this makes them seen stubborn, serious, and confrontational, but to Tauran these qualities are admired rather than seen as offensive.

This trap of narrow-focus seems to keep the Tauran contained within their own immediate local affairs, but it can also turn against them,  When cruel or evil leaders rise to power, then the herd becomes foul and ill.   This is how the chaos grew quickly under the influence of a few key Chaos Minotaurs.  Now the Chaos cult is self perpetuating and has been ruled by the Lich Gods in exile for nearly a planespan. .   

It is not from a lack of curiosity that Tauran rarely venture far from their home cities, but rather from a lack of thought on matters of the wider world.   The  independent minded souls tend to explore the world as a whole, seeking more independent thinkers and societies to participate in.   Most Taurans follow the general herd.

For Tauran, life is very straightforward, as are their attitudes. Nomadics aim to graze and practice a hobby trade.  Most nomads seek clout among their immediate and extended herd through acts of courage and strength.  Urban Tauran tend to value work towards the betterment of the Herd in a socialistic structure.    Chaos cults tend to be open minded and most interested  in acquired knowledge and power.  

Physical Description
Tauran are imposing figures, standing between 6 1/2 and 7 1/2 feet tall. Their heads are distinctly bovine in appearance, having deep-set brown or black eyes and a horn sprouting from each temple. Bull Tauran have larger horns than female Tauran, spanning between 1 and 2 feet, as opposed to female horns which only reach at most 1 foot. Horns range in color from light ivory to onyx like black, with the majority red brown  in colour.  Their torsos are large and round, with wide hips and broad legs.  They are large and have powerful muscles.  Their arms are humanoid, ending in functional three finger hands, complete with thick finger nails.  In chaos cults, these nails are often cultivated or twisted into claws.  Their legs are thick and end in cloven hooves. Most all of their bodies are covered with fur, but it is thinner across the belly.  Most common are rusty tones of color, Chaos cults tend to be darker and even black.  Males have some extra hair on their heads that acts as a mane, and can be slightly darker than their body hair.  Holstein and mottled patterns of fur are rare and considered extremely striking.  Most Tauran will either revere or fear a mixed pattern coat.     

Taurans are predominantly vegetarian.   They do not commonly raise animals in captivity, but do keep many birds naturally around that feed and work symbiotically with them.  The Tauran diet is primarily raw.  Delicacies are typically cooked in some way, as well as some vegetables for effect.    The Tauran eat a lot of fruit, heavy leaf vegetables, and root vegetables.  An adult active Tauran will consume up to 40 lbs of vegetables / day and can drink up to 10 gallons of water.     As a result, elimination is a common fact of life.  There are public toilets regularly throughout the city and cleaning and hauling crews pass through the city several times a day.  

Basic technology,  Simple tools.   Tauran favor hides or fabrics made from sources available nearby.  Simplicity is key to their culture.   Orchards and gardens are common.  Nearly all homes have several fruit or nut trees.    As a note, the only cities lived in are the cities on the map.  All other herds are nomadic.  The chaos cults do not follow this convention and often have hidden shines, hideouts, and forts.  

In general, herds are docile and tolerant of others.   Led by a powerful force, they can be turned angry and fanatic.   This results in a stampede, which crushes many armies in wave upon wave of thundering Tauran armies.    Adventuring Tauran tend to be more open minded and diplomatic than the stubborn group think of the herds.  The main body of the people are happy to return to a more peaceful existence.

The Chaos Armies are still mustered and deployed on the edge of the ice tundra.  

Ranges from Chaotic Evil Lich Lords to Neutral Air Shamans.  

The avatar that created the Tauran is the essence that unites the Herd.  The Tauran are the avatar and the avatar is the Tauran.    The Tauran worship chaos, fire, steam, magma, and are open to all the planes.   Individual herds follow a central plane of worship, so within a herd individual beliefs do not vary much.   In cities, individual variation is common.      

Tauran speak their own tongue, many of them speak Avias or the tongue of the Ha'Aretz.

Herd – Family – Public.     Tauran have a herd name, a family name, and a public name.    The public and herd names are used commonly, but the family name is more rarely used and is typically reserved for close circles.  

Prestige and breeding companionship, which is pleasurable and necessary for propagating their species, tends to be rewarded to those who work hardest and most for the herd.   
The Tauran rarely form lasting monogamous relationships.  Charismatic or powerful individuals tend to draw in followers, but procreation is well planned and herd size is collectively monitored.   Calves are always born single.  Herds tend to have births based on planetary cycles, so females born in the Cycle of Air, come into season ~24 years later in the next season of Air.   Females typically have two birthing cycles.  Females who go into their first season are competed for, they can select any of the 20 planes (18 planes, aether, and the world), Males then elect to compete in any of the 20 planes for a chance to be selected.  The top males in each plane may then be selected by a female for breeding.  Females have a competition among themselves for order of selection and also choose the contests and ranking of the males.

Kervac – The first and oldest city on the planet.  Located on the northern edge of the plains, Kervac is near two minor lakes called The Round and The Long.    Along the southern edge of The Long lake is a ley nexus.   The changing line (N-S) is a powerful primary line and the stable line (E-W) is  a shorter line, but is strategic in its connection to the Northern Great Nexus.

Lake Hollow – In the central lakes, the town of Lake Hollow was formed.  Located between Central Lake and Bay Lake, Lake Hollow has boating and fishing as a common pursuit.  

Thredge – Located along the Northern eastern shore of West Lake, This was the town where the first Chaos Lich was stitched from the fabric of shadow and death.    Thredge was cleared of the Chaos Cult Liches when an event organized by the Avatar of Light, Tic He, caused Light to shine on Thredge for six years as the plane of fire and radiance rotated into northern rest.  

Icebridge – Located on the Tundra across the narrow strip of solid land,  for most cycles, the northern seas are frozen and travel is a bit easier, During the planespan of Fire and Magma, the ice is unstable and cracks. The narrow track of land is muddy and nearly impassible for large forces.  

Nivnir -  The most southwestern City and closest to Ha'Aretz, Nivnir was the central base of armies during the early days of the First Tauran invasion.   Nivnir is the second most culturally diverse city in the Tauran lands.

Gorigeneux – Originally a Changeling City, It was founded to research and control the power of the Great Northern Nexus.  The Tauran Chaos Cults took the city by force in order to create their nexus storm.  This storm killed many avatars and disrupted the magical balance of the ley line system.     The Chaos Cult has held the city and it is now the fortified stronghold of the Chaos Cult.   

Ruins of Farview -   Along the southeastern coast, a city was founded on the peninsula protecting a bay. Farview was a major stronghold of the Chaos Cult, and was the landing site of the Dasharian Fleet.  They destroyed much of the area and drove the Tauran from the seas.    Scattered few return to the city, but no Tauran seem to stay long.  The city has become more of a hideout for pirates, scoundrels, and the occasional chaos cult member.


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