The Trinj is a three foot tall small, intelligent forest dweller with arboreal cities and villiages.  A Trinj spends most of its time living in trees, making it easy to hide from most predators and conduct ambush attacks.  A Trinj has a skin flap  stretching from arm to leg that, when spread, allows the Trinj to glide from branch to branch. The flap allows a Trinj to glide, but it cannot fly. They also have a prehensile tall, slightly longer than their height.  

Trinj clans build their villages on platforms of wood and woven vines in the trees, connected by a network of rope bridges. They associate with treants and their holy figures are druids.  A Trinj speaks a language that consists largely of hoots, chatters, and clicks.  Their avatar is very territorial and as a people they are very xenophobic and hostile to most outside beings. Trinjs consider themselves protectors of the peninsula, and enjoy tending and maintaining the plant life in their home. They often run afoul of humans from over the mountains and the spider people of the northwest.  Trinjs consider spiders to be their traditional enemies, and usually attack them on sight. Though Trinjs are mostly vegetarian, they eat spiders – probably an unconscious act against their most dangerous enemy.  The Trinj also are aware and adversarial against the Fire Demons.  The Fire Demons sent the Argyle Blight which destroyed much of the forest and nearly destroyed the Trinj.  Using their advanced alchemy, the Trinj have managed to inoculate themselves, but are a only a shadow of their former society.  They have learned to use the river and ocean as resources for survival.  At this time only 4 cities remain. Each city has only 4-6 tribes in it.  The tribes are:  Treetop, Sword, Bird, Water, Fern and Mushroom.

For their small size, they are extremely quick due to their ability to jump, climb, and glide short distances.  Many are able to move extremely quietly and are master ambush hunters.   They have hard  pointed claws to assist with climbing. In addition nearly all the society are trained to some level in hand to hand combat and acrobatics.  As a society they are gentle to one another and will usually only attack creatures that wander into the forest.  A Trinj will fanatically attack such invaders to save the sanctity of their home. Trinjs can attack with their claws or more commonly with simple weapons such as spears, clubs, and nets.  Advanced combat masters have a wider array of steel weapons and training to fight the spider people and Fire Demons. These masters are typically leaders of war and hunting parties.  Against larger foes, Trinj will use the stealth that the forest setting allows it along with overwhelming numbers. They will often use hit and run swarming attacks to test and eventually overwhelm opponents.

The Trinj, cursed and scattered from their former glory, first laid the seeds for their destruction many years ago. The ancient volcano, Smejar,  was once the home to holy orders from the plane of Fire.  They offered peace and knowledge to the Trinj, but the Trinj Avatar was vain and insular.  He destroyed the Orders of Fire, wiping out the planar emissaries and quelling Smejar.  The Trinj Avatar was consumed in the process, but the Trinj were again the sole protectors and residents of the peninsula.

In the most recent Magma Cycle, the three time profaned plane let her anger be known.  With the plane of Fire, Mamga re-ignited Smejar and set fire to the peninsula.  The eruption, fires, and debris destroyed most of the remaining Trinj.  

Only a few scattered bands escaped the eruption.  These weary few were  easy quarry for the waves of Daemons that flooded into the area in the burning aftermath.    It is believed that less than 1000 of the Trinj live today.  

Special Abilities: Darkvision, Light Vision, Stealthy, Arboreal, prehensile tail
Common Roles:   Weapons Master,  M'Thaj bodyguard, Forest Scout, Tradesman (Weapons, Leather), Forest Priest,  Tribal Leader, Harvester (Farmer / Gatherer), Storyteller (historian / bard), Blight Healer (Herbalist / Healer), Jurwo (tribal leaders). 


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